Summer of Fiction Writing – 2021

To beat the summer doldrums, Holly Lisle will be hosting the SECOND Summer of Fiction Writing eventon the HollysWritingClasses forums.

(You are required to have an account there, but it’s free.  We just ask that you understand the Terms of Service and Member Conduct Rules.  We allow no flaming, personal attacks or (non-project related) discussions on politics or religion.

During this three-month writing party, (June first – August 31st) folks in the free HCW writers’ community:

  • NEWER WRITERS’ GROUP: Focus on creating smaller start-to-finish projects written in the months of June, July, and August, while helping more experienced writers create and complete larger projects
  • REVIVE YOUR HARD DRIVE ZOMBIES GROUP: Get out that broken, stalled manuscript and FINISH it.
  • DEDICATED EVENT THREADS Search for SOFW-21 in the main discussion board
  • LEARN TO set achievable goals and then achieve them in three months
  • FREE event with a limited-time participant signature pip and a blog badge for everyone who participates, AND upgraded “Hit My Goal” pip and blog badge for folks who hit their goals

This 3-month writing event works with all purchased classes as well as the free Flash Fiction class, and all the free PDF workshops downloadable below.

FREE EVENT DOWNLOADS: No email or personal information required

All of the workshops above are available as nicely formatted, downloadable, printable PDFs — just scroll to the bottom of the page you want and select the Download as PDF option.

Our objective in the writing community will be — first — to set our own goals and then hit them, and — second — to help you set goals that you can reach within the time limit, and then encourage you to post them, to hit them, and to join us in supporting other folks while hitting our OWN summer goals.

Want to get in early and help us brainstorm the upcoming three months, and get a head start on figuring out what you want to start AND finish in that time?

Just create a free account at HWC and follow this link to join in!



Summer of Fiction Writing event is Copyright Holly Lisle, 2019, 2020, 2021.